Thursday, October 3, 2013

Story of Tania from Peru

My story about how I became muslim begin in 2008 after finish high school I traveled to another country to stay only with grandparents n some relatives I was just 16 years old, never separated form my parents before, so this experience was shocking for me, I fell into a deep depression, and as a young teenager I let myself guide by shallow stereotypes of the moment whichs in this country (argentina) was strong in society on girls since a very early age, so in this confussion I just began to focus more in shallow issues, and then it brought me to a eating disorder was a stormy year to me sometimes I was in my room for days without go outside and none came never to ask if I was ok or alive yet even, my grandparents had their own things my relatives too, so one night I had a dream, when I woke up I go curious what it means? and then went to the internet and began to search about Islam, I decided to find a way that bring me peace certainly I never agreed with christianism since I studied in a catholic school ruled by nuns and priests always praying in the church it grew in me a desire of be closer to religion always but in same time I wasn't sure about if my religion was christianism or being catholic about some of their behaviours and some of their beliefs, so that day I was on internet looking info about Islam just by curiosity then I met Rukiye a turkish girl, and other girls one from spain also converted and some others that I couldn't keep contact with, just Rukiye who's since the beginning till now with me Alhamdulillah, I told her about my curiosity to learn about Islam, she helped me a lot in same way we used to talk about politics too is a very wise girl masha'Allah, finishing that year I came back to my country Peru,being here my interest grew up more for that time, I was few years between university and learning just by reading even I said shahadah when I was with a friend on videocall, I wanted still to do it with a Imam, then I met this turkish boy who Alhamdulillah also helped me a lot learning since he was in a dorm  of Islam he used to share some of his knowledge and suggest me some good books to read and then he told me about a Cemaat a dergah of muslims here in my city so last year I went there, a bit afraid , but they confirmed more how beautiful is islam by their way of life the noor in them the caring of them towards me always, so with the Imam there I took shahadah last year and, all this time all happened to me was hiden and i s still hiden from my family, when I did a little try to tell them about islam to tell them that im muslim they simply reacted so bad making a walla between them and me about Islam which makes me sad even for prays and anything I should do it hide from them which make my way more difficult but I trust Allah, for the best :)

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