Friday, December 20, 2013

Story of Maria from USA

I first learned about islam when I was fifteen, I had met a boy on a game and we got along very well. He soon became my “Boyfriend” He told me he was Muslim, and I didn't pay that much attention. At that point in my life religion did not play a very big role. After that whenever i would hear people say anything about Islam it would catch my attention, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to learn what my “boyfriend” believed. My Journey to Islam began. My father owned a Qu’ran from his studies of Islam, so I read that, and went to the library to get books and google was amazing. For a little less than a year I was reading alot about islam, there were about two times before I actually said my Shahadah that I had wanted to convert/revert, but my mum (who is Christian) would talk me out of it each time. I was very open about my study of islam so I told my mom alot about my decisions or what I was thinking. I met a friend who was Muslim and if I had any questions he was very helpful. I had this feeling in my heart that I had never had, I cannot describe this feeling; it was as if Allah was speaking to me in my heart at that moment I knew without a doubt Islam is truth. So I asked him at the end of march 2011 how I convert feeling stupid I didn't know how; He told me how. On April 4th 2011 I said my Shahadah following a Youtube video of how to pronounce the words. I am so grateful that Allah subhana watala sent these guys into my life to help me both at the beginning and along the way.

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