Friday, December 20, 2013

Story of Maria from USA

I first learned about islam when I was fifteen, I had met a boy on a game and we got along very well. He soon became my “Boyfriend” He told me he was Muslim, and I didn't pay that much attention. At that point in my life religion did not play a very big role. After that whenever i would hear people say anything about Islam it would catch my attention, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to learn what my “boyfriend” believed. My Journey to Islam began. My father owned a Qu’ran from his studies of Islam, so I read that, and went to the library to get books and google was amazing. For a little less than a year I was reading alot about islam, there were about two times before I actually said my Shahadah that I had wanted to convert/revert, but my mum (who is Christian) would talk me out of it each time. I was very open about my study of islam so I told my mom alot about my decisions or what I was thinking. I met a friend who was Muslim and if I had any questions he was very helpful. I had this feeling in my heart that I had never had, I cannot describe this feeling; it was as if Allah was speaking to me in my heart at that moment I knew without a doubt Islam is truth. So I asked him at the end of march 2011 how I convert feeling stupid I didn't know how; He told me how. On April 4th 2011 I said my Shahadah following a Youtube video of how to pronounce the words. I am so grateful that Allah subhana watala sent these guys into my life to help me both at the beginning and along the way.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Story of Kawthar from Italy

I returned to islam about 3 years ago. After i get to knew sister of my actually husband ( they are from Morroco and muslims ) i started to read and study about islam. After some time i discovered that i fell in love with islam and i can't live without Allah i decided to say my shahadah... For sorry my parents are aganist Islam and they still don't know about my convert... it's very hard for me to practice praing and all muslim stuff in secret. But i wish one Day i will be free to pray and wear a hijab In shaa Allah .