Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Story Of Bruna Jannat from Brazil

I remember when I was really young that I had a friend which her father is Lebanese and I was always curious about him, but also I was so shy that I did not want to ask anything to my friend (and still nowadays I don't). At the same age, my grandma went to Dubai and came back saying wonderful things about the place and since that day I always wanted to see that city and its beachs, biuldings, mosquees and muslims. For a while, my history with Islam stopped but it was just beginning.
When I started to write books at the age of 11, I had many ideas of fiction stories and I always kept thinking about make a normal romance, but I though that I could never do that. The thing is that I like those romances that are prohibited and one day I challenged myself to at least try to create one like this. So, I started to think about possibilities of couples and I was watching a news from Israel and I just though "why not?". So, I started to search about Israel, Palestine, Gaza... and the jewish boy from Tel Aviv came in my mind, embracing a muslim girl from Ramallah. For me, Isaac and Leena were perfect and also the story would be.
So of course I started to read about Judaism and Islam to make my writing rich and with a lot of details. The first religion I've begun to read was judaism and I liked but at the same time it was confusing to me. Like I tried to show at the beginning of this text, I ways always fascinated with arabic things, so I just hurried up to read Islam. Every day I read more and more about it and I started to open more my eyes. The last sure I had about this was when I first though about convertion. My convertion to Islam. "No, Bruna. Stop. You are just ansious with this book, nothing more. Is just a book", one part of me screamed. But the other part screamed back "Is a really good choice. Is your chance to be more devoted to God and change your life. Do it, Bruna!". So I did.
I said my shahada in February 16th of 2014 with 16 years and just five months for the birthday of seventeen years. Before that, I started to talk with muslims about my doubts and all of them offered help and said they would be here for me. One of them helped me the most and guided me during all the process of shahada and also changed my name to Jannat (he thinks this name is perfect for me because looks pretty much like Jannah, the Paradise). I am very thankful for him and the others. I am very lucky to have these people with me.
I still did not finish the Quran, I still do not know much things and I still did not tell my parents. I am planning to do this when I finish school, in the best and calm way I can explain for them. This will not be easy, but is just another rock Allah put in my way because He knows I can pick it to finish building my castle. Although all of that, I promise to God every night that I am going to give my best to be a good muslimah and let Him proud of me.
Inshallah, my life will get easier.