Saturday, October 12, 2013

My own story with Islam

How I became Muslim? Why Islam? What’s wrong with Christianity?
This questions I am hearing almost everyday so there is an answer on all this questions...
Let's start from the beginning...

     I born in 1995 in small village in Poland in normal Christian family. We never was very religious, we was going to church just in the feasts. I celebrated Christmas not because of Jesus (peace be upon him) birthday but because it was something like traditions, every year we was waiting on candy, Christmas tree and for sure for Santa Claus nothing more was important in this day...
    First time I heard about Islam it was on history lesson in primary school I was maybe 8-9 years old. I was too young to know something more about it but from  this day word 'Islam' was really special for me. When I heard this word I was feeling warm in my heart but i never thought  about it more I was just a kid and generally I just didn't care with it till I visited Tunisia. I really fell in love with Azan 5 times per day and when first time i visited a mosque I was just feeling like it's my home! After I backed Poland i started to read more about an Arab culture and Islam :) i was really fascinated with it like a culture but i still didn't know
so much about the religion i was just hearing in TV that Muslims are bad so we should be far from them...
    When i was 14 years old i created a blog about Arab culture i was writting about everything but one day i decided to write something about Islam and i was really  surprised. I didn’t know that The God of Jews, Christians and Muslims is the same ! I didn't know that Muslims believe in all prophets from Adam to Muhammad... I even didn't know that they believe in a Jesus. I read all Bible and i really had so much questions... One day i went to church to ask some priest to answer on them but in the true i didn't get any answer... it was just like this:
- If Jesus was praying to the God so why the Christians calling Jesus a God ??
- Hmmm - said priest... can u ask me another question ?
- Why in Bible is said that no one can see God but a lot of people saw Jesus??
- Because he was on the earth the prophet?
- So if he was a prophet why people calling him God?
- don’t u have another questions??
- Why in Bible is said that the God is one and Christians saying that there is one God in 3 persons??
- Because God isn't God without son and holy ghost....i think...
- Why the Christian’s are believing only in new testament and in something from old ??
- Because old testament is for Jews..
- Do you know how the God created earth ?
- Yes for sure it's in Bible
- Yes it is but in old testament so u just told me that u don't follow it
- something we are following
- How can u follow this what u like and don't follow this what u don't like ??
- Only God know....
    This talk just made me more sure that there is something wrong with my religion... How can I believe in something on what even priest don't know answer??
After I backed home and opened internet i started to search the answer on this questions there and then i found some very interesting movie " 10 reasons why Jesus can't be
a God". It was a short movie created by some muslins scholarship i decided to watch all and it really made me think so much about my religion. I was praying to God and 
asking God to show me a right way.

For about 2 years i was studying Islam when i was 16 i met some Muslims friends who was saying me so much about their religion...every question I had I got a sensible answer and everyday i was just more and more sure that it is a right religion that I Believe in Allah the Only One True God and in all prophets from Adam to Muhammad, i believe that Jesus ( peace be upon Him) is a prophet from Allah, that Torah Bible and Quran was sent from the One God Allah, I believe in angels and in Quran the last word for people from Allah. Also some of my friends asked me this questions and after she heard my answer she said
to me:
-Fatma you are muslim why don't you want to say shahadah ? What if you die now? 
- I am worry to say it...
- Listen we never know when we die! Maybe it's your last Day on this world?? If you are sure that there is no God than Allah so why to be worry say shahadah ?
    This talked made me really think seriously about said shahada and after one month from this day on 16 February 2012 I decided to say shahada on Skype with my best  friend and his mum I said word by word follow her i felt like new born baby i felt so amazing so warm on my heart. After i said Shahadah I was sure I did the best decision in all my life and the first thing after I became Muslim was pray.. i was waiting this day so much i was dreaming to pray in Islamic way and finally this Day came.. i made my first wodho I put hijab on my head and i prayed... the feeling ? I really can't describe i just remember that i had tears in my eyes....
I am so grateful that Allah choosed me and made me Muslim and that Allah choosed my best friend to became my husband and his mom my mom I love them so much and I
would never dream to have better family than i have now Alhamdulillah ! I love them so much with all my heart and i am sure that it's not end that Allah still have some plan for me
InshAllah :)
In 24 June 2013 I became the Muslim also on paper i said a shahadah in Al Azhar mosque :) Alhamdulillah :)

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