Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Story of Patrycja from Poland

My journey with Islam has started when I was about 16 years old, although back then I didn’t even consider a possibility of converting to Islam.
I’ve always been fascinated by Turkish and Arabic culture but it used to be more in a form of Hobby.
That was when I first came across Islam ,unfortunately my opinion about this religion was rather bad ,I didn’t understand it and even I would say I was afraid of Muslims and their religion.
I would talk to a few Muslims back then, but mostly my all questions were based on very negative stereotypes. I wanted to prove them wrong and at the same time comfort myself and find the answers for long bothering me questions about Christianity.
Back then I would realize how little I knew about my faith, that I would call myself a Christian without even knowing the basics of the religion.
At this time I felt I really needed religion in my life ,I wanted to get this peaceful feeling people sometimes describe they have ,but I could not get it.
I would pray and go church but nothing would make me feel at  ease and the questions I had, still remained unanswered.
At some point I realized I started losing my faith ,I was not as willing to go church anymore and asked by parents to do it ,I’d rebel against it.
I started reading more about Islam ,I was feeling there is something I like in this religion something what makes me research it more and more ,I would associate myself with Muslims more but then there were times when I would get scared - feeling that something is changing.
Especially the worst was the fear of rejection of my family ,friends and the society in general.
I couldn’t make up my mind for a long time ,I would call myself Muslim but never actually said the Shahada, asked about my religion I’d say Islam. I think back then my heart has already decided in spite of me being scared.
After I finished my college ,some other events in my life caused that I had to leave Poland and move to the UK. That was actually when I discovered the real Islam and how generous and amazing people are Muslims.
I’ve got lots of support and understanding at the most difficult times.
I always felt welcomed and special.
That was when I said Shahada officially in the age of 18 ,I learnt how to pray and be Muslim and the most important I finally found this feeling in my heart I was looking for such a long time, alhamdulilah for being Muslim.

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