Sunday, October 6, 2013

Story of Sabina from Netherlands

Before I turned 19 I went to Jordan, as a vacation, with my parents. I was still a wilde child :P always seeking attention especially from men. During our trip I also visited a mosque and there I changed. 

When I enter I felt like I was welcome, that it was my home. the rest of my vacation I tend to cover myself more. When i got home I started to read about islam and ask question to muslims i met on the internet. I think 6 months later I became Muslim. :) I haven't doubt my decision since. 

Of course in the beginning I wasn't perfect, not drinking was easy for me, i didn't like it anyway. but i didn't know how to pray, and the boyfriend that I had then actually didn't like i became muslim although he was supposed to be muslim :S So i learned mosth things in secret hh. Step by step i wear more approprate cloths and one day I felt someone was telling me that I was ready to wear my hijab to work, I worn it everywere but there because i didn't want any problems. But that day i wear it, and since than i never took it off for anyone. Hamdullilah :D

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