Saturday, October 5, 2013

Story of Janet from Russia

Before I came to Egypt, I was sure that Muslims are bad people. After I came to Hurghada for the first time I was really suprised because all pepole ( not even in the hotel) were really very friendly. When my parents left me alone in the hotel for one day, staff looked on me for a whole day. I was like a sister for all of them. I found a great friends from the staff. I didn't wanted to leave the hotel ( I think, as all tourists). So when i backed Russia I continued talking with my best friends from Hurghada. They told me a lot of things about Islam then i started to think about it for about 2 weeks, i was reading so much books about Islam. Then finally I decided that Islam is the best religion and muslims are really great people. I decided to convert when I understood that Isam is better that Christianity because womens are hidding their beuty for their husband and they don't have any physical contacts before marry and parents are taking care about children very well :)  Till now I have so much muslim friends and they are always helping me and they will never leave me with my problems alone :)

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