Sunday, September 29, 2013

Story of Meriam from Puerto Rico

I come from a very liberal country (Puerto Rico), which allows freedom. I married very young, at age 17 I had my first son who is now 14 years old, then at 20 I had my second son who is now 12 years old and I divorce from this person that just really hurt me. The following year I went to live with a person for 9 long years, I had my third daughter who is now 10 years, I operated for not having more children because my health not allowed me not to have children, but at three months pregnant output again and had my fourth daughter who is now 9 years old. I had a very difficult life in this relationship, with much suffering, many humiliations and much emotional abuse to me and to physical abuse to my two sons. I end with this relationship in March 2011 and decided to leave the country in order to make a new life, that's when I moved to Florida Usa in August 2011.
Then two years ago I began to know about Muslim friends, I began to learn about Islam. as the days passed I began to search for information about Islam and little by little I started introducing more and more, until one day I decided to accept Islam in my life "Alhamdulullah". In 2012 came the time of Ramadan and I decided to do the Ramadan and the second day July 21, 2012 I did my Shahada. After my start to Islam now I'm helping new Muslims to learn the basics of Islam In Sha Allah. Honestly my life completely changed my way of thinking, the way I dress, the way I feel, my behavior, well changed everything "Alhamdulillah". I feel like a different person every day I want to be a better person to serve those who need me In Sha Allah.

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